Behind Alibaba and Amazon Logic & Turkey’s E-export Policies

First of all, I want you to know that; e-export business is not a balloon; and our country has very serious advantages in this regard, especially in main headings such as ready-to-wear and accessory groups. By producing conscious policies, and eliminating the sector parasites; Turkey has also potent...
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Crossborder E-ticarette Neden Zorlanıyoruz?

Pazar, olasılıklar ve havuç büyük, niyetler samimi, çaba samimi, yetişmiş bir sürü kaliteli iş gücümüz var; ama ve lakin crossborder e-ticaret için sanki biraz bilinçsiz saldırıyoruz gibi geliyor bana. Bahsetmiştim daha önce; kısıtlanmış yahut gelişmekte olan pazarların şa...
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Basic Challenges of Crossborder E-Commerce In Turkey

I always say; crossborder e-commerce is far beyond marketplace integrations and some digital marketing tricks. Before entering the subject, i would like to underline that, there is a very, very big potential in crossborder; one of the most important issues for the permanent strengthening of our nati...
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